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I am beginning my journey in Kolkata and traveling along the river Ganges by train. I will document what I see and hear along the way. The trip takes 14 days and this first leg of the journey will end in Rishikesh at the foothills of the Himalayas. I will then go down to South India for two weeks on my own, back to North India (Delhi & Rajastan) for a ten day tour of a number of Social Enterprises. My last stop in India will be the Bollywood capital, Mumbai. I am happy to share my travel stories with you...

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Sunday, January 9, 2011


Not wanting to go in search of shopping malls and clothes boutiques, we decided to try the New market around the corner from Oberoi Grand where we are staying (just a 2-night luxury stay before the rough long train ride we are about to embark on). Shopping in New Market turned out to be an expedition. I came away very satisfied with my two salwar suits, a pair of inexpensive Bata flip flops to wear when going to temples (must leave footwear outside and a good pair of shoes is sure to get stolen and I am determined not to lose my $85 Keen sandals). The challenge was not the bargaining & knowing when to walk away- but fending off the eager “guides” who want to take you to the store where they know you will find what you are looking for (they get a cut from the shop owner if we bought stuff there) and the shop keepers who call to you earnestly to step into their store. One must be brave to shop at these markets and to cross the streets in Kolkata. Running with the bulls may be considered benign in comparison.

We went to see British India today. This included the Victoria memorial and the surrounding area of parks and gardens. We also stopped to see a private collection of European art owned by a Indian merchant's family trust. He must have been REALLY wealthy then - condition of the "mandir" is quite rundown now. Dakshineshwar was the next stop, but the crowd- it being Sunday- was overwhelming. The queue to get into the Kali temple was so long we decided to be satisfied with a peak at the inside from the entrance.

Tomorrow we go to the Ramakrishna mission and Mother Theresa’s ashram…

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