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I am beginning my journey in Kolkata and traveling along the river Ganges by train. I will document what I see and hear along the way. The trip takes 14 days and this first leg of the journey will end in Rishikesh at the foothills of the Himalayas. I will then go down to South India for two weeks on my own, back to North India (Delhi & Rajastan) for a ten day tour of a number of Social Enterprises. My last stop in India will be the Bollywood capital, Mumbai. I am happy to share my travel stories with you...

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Tabla Player

On my flight from Dubai to Kolkata I befriended this vivacious  young Indian man who helped me put my bag up in the bin (“can I help you with your bag, mam?”) making me feel my age.  Turned out he is a tabla player who travels and performs around the world and was just returning after preforming in London.  He told me that he had performed in almost all the major cities in the USA and Canada.  He invited me and my travel partner to a performance the next day in Kolkata. He reminded me of my tabla playing nephew.  I was not  going to miss this-in any case we weren’t going to be sightseeing in the evening- so we exchanged cell numbers before parting ways. He was going to call me regarding the venue but the next day came and went without a word from him.  He was not real, I figured…   It turned out I was wrong, my travel partner’s phone was turned off when he tried to call (I had not acquired a cell phone by then).  He sent me a utube clip of the performance we missed. In this performance he (Aniruddha) is accompanying Sumitra Guha.


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